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Madeira Web publishes quality multilingual destination guides on the World Wide Web. Our guides are the foundation of much of the research done on the Internet by travel writers, journalists and tourists. With an emphasis on intuitive navigation and fast information retrieval, our guides have received many awards and have been adopted by many public service departments as a recommended information resource.

With consistent growth and a healthy strategy to provide highly competitive quality travel services, Ambarella Limited is expanding its core of destinations to create an incredible holiday experience for satisfied clients that return again and again.

On site 'hands on' expertise and our negotiating power to provide extremely attractive price structures that even the partner hotels themselves cannot beat is the key to happy, carefree holidays for the discerning traveller.

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Mike Heavey celebrates 18 years of Madeira-web

WWW.MADEIRA-WEB.COM 18TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS, founded in 1997, celebrates 18 years promoting Madeira. and its sister site have a daily readership of around 30,000 persons. Published in 12 languages and on page one of search engines in more then 100 countries, they are the oldest and biggest international online promoters of Madeira Island.

Dr Adolfo Brazão, lawyer and member of parliament, Pedro Ventura economist, Catanho Fernandes, Mike Heavey, proprietor and, Fernando Mata, Dr Declan Donovan, Irish ambassador to Portugal, Dr Miguel Albuquerque, President of Madeira, Dr Sérgio Jesus economist at Ecam.

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