International telephone calls can be made from almost anywhere on the island. You will find many public telephone booths, where you have the choice of using coins, phone cards and sometimes credit cards.

Telephone calls made from bars, restaurants and hotels are usually a great deal more expensive than the telephone booths on the street.

Post offices are open from 09.00 to 18.00 and are closed on weekends. There you will find telephones, stamps and express mail services. Stamps can also be purchased at many shops and hotel receptions.

There are several Internet Cafés on the island. The access charge is usually around 5,00 Euros per hour. There are also many WiFi “Hot Spots” throughout the island, especially in the main areas of each town. You will find a lot of the bars and coffee shops have free WiFi with people sitting, sometimes all day, drinking coffee and surfing the net on their laptops.

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