Disabled Facilities

As with the rest of Europe, it is now illegal to construct buildings in Madeira without providing facilities and access for people with disabilities. So you will find that all of the new shopping malls and modern areas have been built with this in mind. This being said, disabled facilities are not common in Madeira.
In general the streets and pavements have been constructed with small cobblestones and although stunning to look at, it is not the most practical surface for people with disabilities. The international airport in Madeira doesn't have many disabled facilities either.

Most hotels are able to comfortably accommodate people with disabilities and almost all have elevators and ramps. However, we do advise you to ensure your accommodation has adequate access and facilities before you book your hotel.

The cable car has full disabled access and will stop for people with wheelchairs to get in.

The Funchal Marina also has disabled facilities with a ramp near the Beer House bar providing access to all the restaurants and snack bars available in this lovely area by the sea.

TOP TIP - The footpath between Pico das Pedras and Queimadas in Santana is now accessible for people with disabilities. Extending for almost two kilometres, all visitors can now appreciate the incredible beauty of the Laurissilva Forest. The course is wheelchair-friendly and information is provided in Braille and SPS (for people with cerebral palsy).

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