Orchid Garden

The Orchid Garden is a garden dedicated to all those who love nature, so don’t come expecting to find just another garden. Neither will you find ‘tourist attractions’ such as ‘singing’ and ‘dancing’ orchids!

On the contrary, the family that owns the garden makes every possible effort to present all their plants in surroundings as natural as possible, result of which is a real jungle of orchids and exotic plants. Here you will find a little bit of everything, from spectacular flowers to beautiful minuscule orchids.

The enterprise was founded in Austria during the time of the Imperial monarchy and since then four family generations have dedicated themselves to the research and creation of new species of a wide variety of plants.

Take your time so that you can really appreciate everything in a tranquil setting. You will find plants from all continents and also see blooming plants throughout the year. Anyone who tells you that there are no plants blooming at a certain time of the year or that the Garden is closed to the public is simply not familiar with the Jardim Orquídea.

Our recommendation: Definitely worth a visit!

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