From Steam Train to Cable Car

From the rack railway of old times to the most sophisticated cable car of today, Funchal is once again connected to the breathtaking beauty of Monte situated in the hills above the city. This is an exciting way to show Madeira's hidden beauty without doing any harm to the environment. Yes, now it’s possible to ‘fly’ over some of the wonderful landscapes of Madeira!

The departure station is at the park Almirante Reis, located in the old part of the town. Providing good parking possibilities, this station fits in well with the renovation plans for the old part of the town. The Monte station is situated near Monte Palace Tropical Garden, at Caminho das Babosas, amidst truly charming scenery.

The inclined course, which takes approximately 15 minutes, is 3,718 m (around 12,000 ft) long and has a vertical rise of 560 m (1,837 ft). The 39 cabins, with eight seats each, can transport 800 passengers per hour, and the reduced speed at both stations makes it easier for disabled passengers to climb aboard.

At the onset of the 20th century, the steam train performed the task of bringing tourists up to the Monte hills on a comfortable and memorable trip. Now, almost 100 years later, the modern cable car has replaced the long decommissioned train’s mission.


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