Madeira Maps

To navigate our maps of Madeira, first open the viewing page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Then you can either use the zoom in and zoom out controls or click on the map at the locations you would like to see.

With the exception of the Google map, all our own unique Madeira Island and Funchal Hotel maps are copyright of Madeira Web and Visitar Madeira Lda. They are designed and produced in our offices here in Funchal, and are updated on a regular basis with the latest information, including hotels, boat trips and changes in the Funchal cruise ship harbour and marina. We’ve also designed four other exclusive maps where you can find the most popular levada walks, as well as the best spots for Surfing, Diving and Paragliding on the island.

Google Map of the whole island — to take a closer look, use the control buttons on the right or double click on the desired location

Madeira Map
Our Madeira Island Map featuring the ’banana line’ in yellow — due to the island’s altitude difference, this line indicates the best altitude range (up to 200 meters above sea level) to cultivate bananas, as it offers the warmest climate, especially in wintertime

Funchal Hotel Map
Our Funchal Hotel Map, from the Old Town to Praia Formosa, including the cruise liners

Levadas Madeira Map
Levada Map — the recommended levada walks and hiking trails around the island

Surfing Madeira Map
Surfing Map — these are the spots to catch the best waves in Madeira

Madeira Diving Map
Diving Map — here are the best Madeira diving sites

Madeira Paragliding Map
Paragliding Map — for breathtaking views, check out some of the main paragliding sites around the island

The island has many interesting towns and locations which are shown here. There is also a location map which includes detailed descriptions of the main places to see in Madeira.

All Madeira maps on this page (except Google map) are copyright of and Visitar Madeira Lda. For any query about the use of our maps, please email us at

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