Madeira Always Summer (2)
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#7 debora dinis 2014-04-16 20:45
love back home missing so mutch hope going with my children in agosto see you son
#6 Hans Jørgen Møller 2012-07-19 09:10
I love this island and we will be back for the 18.time in september so MADEIRA here we come
#5 Keith A. Serrao 2011-10-17 20:50
I just found out that my great grand farther came from Madiera and went to Guyana. It is nice to see a place where my ancestors are from. Beautiful place. Hope to visit one day. He lived in Buxton and was call Manoel aka Old John.
#4 Jon Michael 2011-10-01 07:24
The most beautiful side of this island is to the west and north and walking along the levadas in the mountains with the sound of the water streams whilst conversations fall into whispers
#3 Mike Fox 2011-06-15 12:56
Watching these videos makes me feel"homesick!"

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