Madeira Gardens - Santa Catarina
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#2 HDWE 2010-06-20 19:34
You should really go to Madeira it is a fab place to visit. It IS BOILING IN THE SUMMER AND YOU CAN GO TO THE BEACH WHENEVER YOU WANT. The aqua park is fab for children and has lots and lots of activities for small kids and big kids. The town is lovely and the market is normally crowded. So you should go to Madeira it is the best.
#1 HDWE 2010-06-20 19:30
ALL the videos are fab and i know Madeira is too so you should go there. It is fab especially in the summer. It is boiling you can go to the beach everyday for a walk or for a swim.The town is lovely and the markets are normally crowded. The aqua park is excellent and kids love it there are so many activities to do. SO THERE YOU ARE MADEIRA IS A FAB PLACE TOO VISIT.

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