Madeira Levada Walking

Levada Walks; only for the fit, young and adventurous???

As you approach Madeira by air or sea, you may look at the mountainous terrain and conclude that walking the island is perhaps only for the fit, young and adventurous. We tell you that this is not so!
You really have not seen Madeira if you haven't experienced the wondrous and thrilling landscapes of the island. And they are all so accessible, so easy to find and often effortless to walk.

Follow our LEVADA WALK pages and find out for yourself how you can enjoy the landscapes of Madeira. Or discover Madeira with the leading Island Tour Operator, Lido Tours.

If you are looking for hotels that are close to walking routes you may find these helpful:

Pousada Dos Vinháticos High in the Mountains this is a perfect base for a walking holiday.
Quinta do Monte A superb Manor house Hotel and a haven of relaxation and tranquillity.
Quinta do Estreito In the hills to the west of Funchal.

map of paths and levada walks of Madeira
Map of the Madeira Levada Walks and Paths

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