• Gay & Lesbian Travellers

Gay and lesbian marriage is legal in Portugal and therefore in the Madeiran Archipelago. The age of consent in Portugal is 16 years old.

On Madeira Island, gay and lesbian travellers and indeed locals are more common and definitely more accepted. The “pink” community is actually much larger than it at first may seem. There are no specific gay and lesbian bars or clubs, although you will find that most of the larger nightclubs and mainstream bars are very mixed and gay friendly.

Before coming to Madeira, you might want to write to the 'Opus Gay Association' (Rua da Ilha Terceira 34- 2º 1000-173 Lisboa) or contact them by phone (+ 351 96 240 00 17). Their general e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

On the Internet you will find a few Portuguese gay and lesbian sites. The most comprehensive is www.portugalgay.pt that is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German.

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