• Volcán de Tijarafe - Naviera Armas

Travelling by ferry to Madeira couldn’t be easier or more relaxing. Majestic mountain peaks, soaring cliffs and red-roofed houses dominate the landscape greeting the ocean traveller. So why not drive through Europe to Portimão (Algarve, Portugal) board the ferry Volcán de Tijarafe and cruise to Madeira and perhaps onto the Canaries (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Santa Cruz de Tenerife). This attractive, relaxing and nostalgic option provides the perfect opportunity to create a memorable holiday without the hustle and bustle of travelling by air.

The Volcán de Tijarafe boasts a top deck swimming pool and a choice of accommodation options to suit every budget with the added advantage of taking your car with you. The waters around Madeira are rich in marine life including several varieties of dolphins including Bottlenose and Spotted South Atlantic Dolphins and Pilot, Fin and Sperm Whales as well as several species of sea turtle all of which can easily be spotted.

The weekly summer service commenced on the 2nd of July and will run for twelve weeks. The ferry leaves Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Sunday at 20:00 arriving in Madeira - Funchal Port on Monday at 08:15 and departs again at 10:30: 24 hours later it arrives in Portimão. After a quick turnaround, the ferry departs for Madeira reaching Funchal on Wednesday at 12:30 before departing at 18:00 where it is scheduled to arrive in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at 08:00 on Thursday morning.

Competitively priced and with the capacity to carry 1,000 passengers and 300 vehicles, the ferry is an economical and nostalgic way to travel. A basic seat only ticket between Funchal - Portimão will cost - Madeira Residents/Students/Children (4-11) €29.10/€25.50/€12.75 respectively each way while Non Residents/Children (4-11) €85.00/42.50 each way with dog crates incurring an extra €5.00. For those wishing to travel between Funchal and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Tenerife, Residents & Non Residents/Children (4-11) are charged €59.90/€29.75 for a seat only ticket each way. Vehicle prices are charged at a flat rate and are dependant on type: a bicycle will cost approximately €10.00, €40 for motorcycle, €62.50 for an electric passenger vehicle and €125.00 for a conventional car each way.

All passengers are entitled to take a single piece of luggage weighing no more than 25kg free of charge; additional charges may apply for excess baggage.

Ship Characteristics:
Ship Name: Volcan de Tijárafe
Ships Commander: Guillermo Martin Gonzalez
Length: 154 meters
Width: 24 meters
Passengers: 1,000 passenger capacity divided between chair only and cabin travel options
Vehicles: 300 light passenger vehicle
Maximum Speed: 23 knots
Engine Power: 23 400 KW
Gross Tonnage: 10333 t

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