• Flower Festival 2019

The Madeira Flower Festival is an extraordinary occasion where families and communities come together to celebrate spring. To mark such a momentous occasion and capture the magic of Madeira’s flowers, the flower festival will run from the 2nd to the 26th of May and promises to be a remarkable event. As always, it will combine festival traditions and much-loved attractions including the flower carpets displays along Avenida Arriaga, a fantastic array of kiosks selling flowers, embroidery as well as traditional food and drinks.
On Saturday morning on the 4th, the Children's Parade takes place, in which children wearing their beautiful costumes parade from Avenida Arriaga to Praça do Município, each carrying a flower, which will be used to create the Wall of Hope. Afterwards, there is a children's show.
The dazzling and kaleidoscopic Flower Festival Parade on the 5th explodes into life as the decorated ‘flower floats’ captivate audiences far and wide. The parade will take place at Avenida do Mar on Sunday afternoon, which will be showing live on our Funchal Marina Live Webcam. This is a much loved and eagerly awaited event for locals and tourists, many of the troupes who take part have taken months to perfect their routines and create their lavish and intricate costumes. It’s recommended that you get there early, reserved seating for the parade is limited, and tickets are available for purchase along the parade route or purchase your tickets early from the tourism office. Another popular attraction is the Flower Exhibition and Workshops at Praça do Povo Pavilion. The sheer magnificence of the flower arrangements inside is breath-taking, and alongside which competitors from both the professional and amateur flower arranging competitions will display their formal arrangements. These competitions take place on the 9th and 16th and have taken on a new meaning as members of the public are invited to watch as flower arrangers from both categories create their floral masterpieces in front of a live audience.
Madeira Flower Collection fashion show on the 11th at 6 pm has new and established fashion designers showcasing their ‘flower’ themed creations on the catwalk at Praça do Povo. Ten exhibitors will be presenting three of their floral themed designs on the catwalk. After the show, their costumes will be on display to the public until the end of the festival.
And of course, the festival would not be complete without the glitz and glamour of the Madeira Classic Car Revival on the 25th and 26th, where hundreds of beautifully preserved cars, motorbikes and bicycles will be on display. Keeping in theme with this year’s fashion parade an additional ‘Best Epoque Costume’ category has been added to the event.

Flower Festival Programme

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