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Last update 9th April (18:00)
As of today, Madeira has 1 recovered case and 50 positive cases of COVID-19. So far, 476 suspected cases have been identified since February 29, of which 371 tested negative. Further statistics show that there are 494 people under ‘active surveillance’ with a further 306 people in ‘self-surveillance.’
Only 2 coronavirus patients remain hospitalized in the isolation unit dedicated to covid-19 at Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça in Madeira, although 1 in intensive care and ventilated (both patients are in stable condition). The other 48 patients remain in isolation, 45 in their homes and the 3 Dutch citizens at Quinta do Lorde.

4th April Madeira registers the first recovery case, as one of the four Dutch tourists at Quinta do Lorde was considered recovered after testing negative twice. Today returned to her country of origin.

3rd April Workers' Pavilion prepared to accommodate the homeless. 50 beds will be made available as well as all the necessary conditions, so homeless people can self-isolate during covid-19 pandemic.

On the 29th of March the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque issued a new mandate with regards to restrictions on movement and social isolation to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
From 00.00 on the 31st of March the following measures come into force:
1 - From the 31st of March only essential business may remain open.
2 - All Hotel suspicious cases must undergo compulsory 14-day isolation period.
3 - A reduction from 120 to 100 passengers to airports Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo and Porto Santo allowed per week. All passengers are directed to comply with mandatory 14-day quarantine
4 - Reorganisation of the health system. Cessation of mobility between existing health units to prevent cross-contamination.
5 - Reinforcement of circulation measures and social gatherings are strictly limited to two people.

26th March
There are currently twenty (20) positive cases of Covid-19 on the island comprising four Dutch tourists and sixteen Madeirans, including one case concerning a passenger who was compulsorily quarantined at Quinta do Lorde in Caniçal and five members of one family who contracted the virus after a recent trip Spain.
Since February 29, of the 105 suspected cases, 85 have since been confirmed as negative. In addition, there are currently 835 people who are under ‘active surveillance’ at home and a further 1.591 people undergoing ‘self-surveillance.’
All arrivals in Madeira are required to enter mandatory quarantine and undergo testing.
The Regional Government has requested that all remaining tourists on the island return to their countries of residence. Furthermore, as of Wednesday 25th of March, only those travelling for medical reasons can fly to and from the island.

25th March
Four new confirmed cases were announced, bringing the total to 16 positive cases of Coronavirus in Madeira (12 are patients residing in Madeira and 4 are tourists of Dutch nationality). Of the 94 suspected cases, 78 were negative, 806 are in active surveillance in their homes and 1678 in self-surveillance.
Three of the patients who were hospitalized in the isolation unit of Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça were sent home to continue isolation in their homes. All these patients are in stable condition and none required intensive care.

24th March
Coronavirus cases continue to rise in Madeira, with 12 confirmed positive cases, in which eight refer to residents of Madeira. Five have mild symptoms, recovering at home. The remaining seven are hospitalized in the dedicated coronavirus treatment unit, at the Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça, in stable condition.
Madeira has 459 persons under active surveillance by the health authorities and 1,532 persons in self-surveillance at home.
Passengers arriving in Madeira - 66 have been transferred to a specific quarantine centre at Quinta do Lorde resort at Caniçal and 15 are in mandatory quarantine at Hotel Praia Dourada in Porto Santo. All cases are of external origin.

23rd March
Madeira, like many other tourist destinations, has been affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. As a precaution, many of the scheduled events have been postponed this year. This, of course, includes the famous and vibrant Flower Festival which is now scheduled for September 2020.
The Regional Government of Madeira and the Government of the Republic of Portugal have shown a proactive and sensible approach to the pandemic, and by declaring a State of Emergency are doing everything in their power to create a safe environment for their citizens. As of the 23rd of March, nine positive coronavirus cases had been recorded in Madeira. Tourists are being flown home to their countries of origin and all hotels closed, a specific quarantine centre have been set up both here in Madeira at Quinta do Lorde resort at Caniçal and on Porto Santo island. In a world spinning out of control, Madeira has remained calm and is quietly getting on with life as best it can under the circumstances.
Despite the virus Madeira remains as always a floating garden that’s always Summer. With a stoic and practical population, the island will soon rise again and shine as a beacon of all that is good in the world – safe, clean, beautiful and nature at its best, not forgetting its warm welcome to all those who visit our magical island.

19th March
Madeira registers two new positive cases of coronavirus.
In total 3 positive cases are confirmed. A tourist arriving from Holland 5 days ago and a Madeiran resident arriving from Dubai, both quarantined immediately.
The Government of the Portuguese Republic declares state of emergency as of 00.00 today 19 March, for 15 days.
We hope that with this measure, we are able to contain the spread of the virus on Madeira Island.

17th March
A tourist who recently arrived in Madeira has tested positive for coronavirus and is now in quarantine.

16th March
The President of the Regional Government of Madeira announced today, March 16, that there is no case of coronavirus or covid-19 reported on the Island of Madeira. To try to maintain Madeira virus free, all passengers arriving at Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira Airport will be under mandatory quarantine for 14 days, until further notice.
This means that all Tour Operators are cancelling their flights to Madeira and Porto Santo except for return flights for tourists already on the Island.
Hopefully soon things will returns to normal and Madeira will maintain it corona free status and welcome visitors to Madeira’s always Summer Climate. We will keep you updated in the coming days.


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