• Electric Minibus

Horários do Funchal has strengthen its bus fleet with new Karsan Atak Electric Buses. The vehicles are light blue in colour and ideal for inner city use. They are 100% electric and produce zero emissions. Each bus is 8.3 m in length, 2.4 m wide, can carry up to 57 passengers and has a 300km range. Other standard features such as air conditioning, manual wheelchair ramp and other optional extras guaranteed to make travelling as comfortable as possible for both passengers and driver.

The bus is currently undergoing testing and has been since the 28th of February and will continue to do so until Friday the 13th of March. The tests are to ensure that the bus is suitable for Madeira and its terrain, although the bus will not be tested on some of the more demanding inner-city landscapes. Not only this but with the island’s ageing population, the vehicle has to be suitable for all types of travellers, both young and old.

As part of Horários do Funchal commitment to the environment and creating a quieter and less polluted city; they have purchased five new Karsan Atak Electric Buses from Karsan’s Portuguese representatives, UIC - Auto Mecânica do Centro, Lda. The initiative has been developed in conjunction with the European project Civitas Destinations and AREAM - Regional Agency for Energy and Environment of the Autonomous Region of Madeira along with various other partners.

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