• January 2020

With the firework display still burning bright in your memory, it's a new dawn, a new day and a brand-new year. So, what better way to start 2020 than a midday plunge into the sea on the 1st of January at the Ponta Gorda Bathing Complex, Funchal. The only stipulation is that you wear a Father Christmas hat and celebrate New Year’s Day in a slightly unorthodox way. If you would like to refresh your soul in a slightly less chilly way, the Chapel of São Sebastião, Ponta do Sol, is holding it's final 'Concert in the Chapel' performance on the 1st of January. This provides a unique chance to listen to a variety of musical styles from traditional, classical and philharmonic.

Continuing with a musical theme, the Cantar os Reis, twelfth-night concert, will take place at the Auditorium in the Funchal Municipal Gardens at 8 pm on the 5th. This is a not to be missed event.

From the 11th to the 15th the Santo Amaro Feastival takes place, where families get together to finish off the last of the Christmas goodies, clear out cupboards and make space for the New Year. In-between all these activities the parish of Santa Cruz pays homage to its patron saint in a series of lively religious festivals, bringing the Christmas festivities to a fun and vibrant end. The 11th Madeira Orienteering Meeting 2020 (MOM) takes place between the 17th, 18th and 19th. Those looking for a running rush but want a little less demanding terrain the Funchal Marathon on the 19th is just the ticket. The event is suitable for runners of all ages and abilities, with Sprint and Middle-Distance races. It comprises of three races; the 42 km Full Marathon, 24 km Half Marathon and the 6 km Mini Marathon. The event is open to both residents and non-residents.

January rounds off with the Panelo Feastival, where everyone gets together in Chão da Ribeira, Seixal on the 26th to enjoy a typical Madeiran feast comprising of cabbage, local sausages and vegetables. If that’s not enough, there will be plenty of stalls selling food and drink, all accompanied by lively local entertainment.

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