• Rua das Pretas, Funchal

Rua da Mouraria, Rua do Surdo, Rua das Pretas and Rua dos Netos – all these streets, which have not changed much since 1567, when they were first designed in a plan, end at the São Pedro Church.

The Rua das Pretas (‘Streets of the blacks’) got its name from the many coloured servants who worked in the manor houses situated in this neighbourhood and passed continuously through this street.

The Rua da Mouraria, probably got its name from ‘moradia’ relating to a prominent manor house erected in this street during the 17th and 18th century, today occupied by the Municipal Museum, the Municipal Library and an Aquarium.

To the east you will find the Rua dos Netos, originally a private street, which was opened to the public sometime between the 15th and 16th century by the family with that name, so that the Corpus Christi procession could pass.

And to the north you will find the Calçada de Santa Clara, where the House-Museum Dr. Frederico de Freitas and the Santa Clara Convent are located.

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