• Seixal

Seixal, the largest parish of Porto Moniz municipality in terms of area, is a land with favourable natural conditions and resources, including a trout farm in Chão da Ribeira. Trout is actually the main local gastronomic attraction. And talking about attractions, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Santo Antão Church, and swim in the volcanic natural pools (‘Poças das Lesmas’ and Clube Naval do Seixal Pools), from where you can enjoy the beautiful sea and mountain views, typical of the north coast of Madeira. Porto do Seixal Beach and Laje Beach are other stunning places where the mountains meet the ocean in a breathtaking scenery. Away from the sea but close to the heart of the Laurissilva Forest is the picnic area of Fanal, included in the itinerary of several walks.

If you follow the old road between the parish of Seixal and São Vicente, taking the time to enjoy the natural landscape by the sea, you will find a belvedere from where you can see a waterfall called ‘Véu da Noiva’, as it resembles a bride’s white veil.

Chão da Ribeira is a wide green valley with the most varied vegetation and plants that belong to the Laurissilva Forest, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The beautiful natural landscape is the setting of a few popular scenic walks in this charming rustic area, where you’ll find a number of old stone sheds, called palheiros, that were built to support agricultural activity and became part of the rural landscape. Some of these palheiros have been fixed up and are rented for weekends or short stays. Also connected to the agricultural roots of this region is a popular event, Panelo, which takes place in January and consists of local people gathering to eat a kind of Portuguese stew made of boiled meat, smoked sausages and vegetables.

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