• Madeira

A message from Pat and John Underwood;

“Since we first published a small book of Madeira walks in 1980, not only has Landscapes of Madeira become the most widely used guide on the island, but it inspired a whole series of Landscapes books, which we publish under our Sunflower imprint. The aim of the series is to lead the visitor off the beaten track and into the countryside - whether by car, public transport or on foot.

Many changes have come about since the last edition of this book was published just a few years ago, requiring us to reroute a few walks. But above all the fifth edition responds to two very encouraging trends. Firstly, more people are hiring cars and taking advantage of the excellent accommodation all over the island. Therefore we have added six new walks: wherever you spend the night, there will be a walk nearby. Secondly, the Regional Government is encouraging the islanders (in schools, in the media and in various publications) to value their natural heritage and to walk; as a result, many old trails, which have not already fallen prey to bulldozers, are being preserved.

All Sunflower authors hope to convey more than mere enthusiasm for their chosen landscapes - love might be a better word. Our love affair with Madeira really came into blossom with our 'discovery' of the ‘levadas’. They never cease to fascinate or inspire us. No matter how tired we may be, to walk beside a ‘Levada’ always refreshes our spirits and brings the bounce back into our steps.”

TIP... The Landscapes of Madeira book is our most highly recommended. Get yourself a copy before you come to the island.

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