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Surfing on Madeira Island only began some years ago, when professionals and surf lovers recognised the excellent conditions that this region has to offer. The news of this ‘discovery’ were immediately spread to all Portuguese surf lovers and finally arrived in Brazil.
But it was only when news broke in the surfing press that Madeira became known as a quality surf location.

The coast is rough and steep and the rocks at the bottom of the sea generate not only excellent waves but require also some precautions.
If you are a beginner you should be careful with the rock formations and the stones. We are sure you wouldn't like to be caught in a wave on a rocky beach like this!
Due to its location the Madeira archipelago is a privileged spot to receive swells of the North Atlantic and has all sorts of waves, from point breaks to reef breaks.

The subtropical climate is responsible for water temperatures between 59º F (15º C) in the colder season and 21º C (70º F) in the hot season. So we advise you to bring a full-length wetsuit, or make it even two, because while you are surfing in one you can leave the other one drying off.

The surfing months are considered low season tourist months, which allows you to choose a hotel or rent-a-car at much cheaper rates.

Porto da Cruz, Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar and Fajã da Areia in São Vicente are the main spots on the island for those who want to learn or improve surfing. In Porto da Cruz there is even a surf camp & School (the Surfinn Harbor of Cruz Surf Camp & School) with good prices. In Jardim do Mar there is also a Surf House.

Why not bring your surfboard and find out the potential of surfing in Madeira?

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